“Paying It Backwards and Other Stories” Accepted for Publication

I’m pleased to announce that Wilderness House Press has accepted my short story anthology, “Paying It Backwards and Other Stories.”  A publication date has yet to be set.


A few of the stories:

“A young Catholic boy’s life is turned upside down when a rash in the shape of the Virgin Mary appears on his buttock…”

“When a spaceship crash lands in the middle of nowhere, its inhabitants express no desire to communicate with the peoples of earth; all except for one man, a country bumpkin who happens to have a special talent for communicating with farm animals…”

“When a mercenary in a shooting war seeks solace in a bombed-out building, he makes a startling discovery: he’s sharing it with an enemy mercenary from another world…”

“A young girl shows shows a heroic act of defiance in a downtown Boston street against a large column of invading extra-terrestrial aliens…”

“Two unlikely friends–a ‘little’ person with a terrible temperament and a hulking man who is mentally challenged–break into a large furniture store overnight and wreak havoc…”

“An evangelical preacher trying to drum up business by witnessing to urban street people encounters God–but God isn’t an old, white man with a flowing beard…”

“Two young brothers playing under a bridge are surprised when they encounter a time-traveler from 270 years in the future…”

“No one expected the bringer of the Apocalypse to appear in the guise of a handsome, twenty-something Avant-garde composer…”

“A dying man in Chicago makes a startling deathbed confession…”

“A voyeuristic couple get more than they bargain for when they break into a car to have sex…”

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