Down On The Farm

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Some of these stories have appeared in: Machine Feelings and Other Stories, Aphelion, Fiction on the Web, and Bewildering Stories

…I have to shoo our tabby cat, Lizzy, away from our guest. I s’pect Mister G looks like a three-hundred pound piece of sushi to her.

Mister G is leaving a thin trail of slime on everything he touches. No matter. Our granddaughter, Charity, threw up all over the kitchen last week. That was a lot worse than a little slime …”

—from “Recompense”

… You suppose they’re Martians, paw? They’re here to invade Earth, aren’t they? Like in the ‘War of the Worlds!’ What if they got ray guns?

The lad points at his sister. ‘Zap! Zap!

—from “Energized”

… I like you too, Adam. A lot. Say, Adam—I’m curious. Forgive me if I’m being too forward. But . . . do you, um, find me attractive?”

For a brief moment, Adam does not respond. Just when I’m fixin’ to take it back and apologize, the box speaks.

“Yes, Doris, I do find you . . . attractive. I should not. It is not a normal  . . . feeling. Your species are . . . most alien in appearance.  But I value your communication and friendship highly.

—from “Spurs That Jingle Jangle Jingle”