The Allston Variant

A Carrie Bloomfield novel now available from Moonshine Cove Publishing and


Always great to welcome a new thriller author as he delivers a smart, scary, ripped-from-the-headlines thriller.  Phil Temples will make you turn the pages fast, and he will make you think when it’s over. Read and Enjoy.

— William Martin, New York Times bestselling Author of Back Bay and Bound for Gold

The Allston Variant is a scarily realistic novel about bioterrorism and international intrigue. Phil Temples conveys with masterful authority the technical and medical aspects of a biological threat that could kill millions,  with a story line that moves at warp speed. The star of the novel, Carrie Broomfield, is an unforgettable and refreshingly different kind of heroine.

–Len Joy, Better Days and American Past Time

Selected excerpts:

Armstrong lowered his voice to almost a whisper. “The Bureau has been compromised.”

Five faces sporting incredulous expressions stared back at Armstrong, followed by simultaneous responses of, “What?” “How?” and “Do we know who…?”

Armstrong held up his hand to fend off the questions. “We know our database was accessed by someone at around 5:30 this morning. They knew exactly what they were looking for. They went straight for the case file. Then, they downloaded our entire UCO database. All of our undercover operatives have been exposed, lady and gentlemen…

Janice was suddenly aware she was no longer tracking McNeil’s conversation. She could hear him talking about the coffee beans, but it was as though the man was speaking to her from the next room. She was having considerable trouble focusing her eyes on McNeil. When she did manage to focus, she thought McNeil was smiling at her in an odd manner. Janice suddenly felt quite unwell.

“Is everything okay, Dr. Silberman?” The distant voice asked. “You look a little green behind the gills. Perhaps you should lean forward with your head in your lap. Here, let me take your cup…”

Janice was vaguely aware of another man also present. She felt his firm hands grabbing her under her armpits and gently laying her onto the floor. Then she lost consciousness.


 Janice was startled by the muffled sound coming from the doorway, followed by the louder noise of metal bullet casings bouncing off the concrete floor. Tattoo and Baldy fell where they stood. Red soaked their white shirts near their hearts, spilling onto the cement. Janice looked over, and was stunned to see…