Phil Temples Featured on The Writer’s Voice Podcast

In Episode 24 of The Writer’s Voice, Phil Temples talks about the “lab lit” genre of scientific murder mysteries. He ventures into other several other topics, as well, including his novels, marketing, and how he conducts research with the assistance of his wife!
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Interviewed for The Writer’s Voice Podcast

the writer's voice podcast screenshotYesterday, I was interviewed on Zoom by Linda McHenry for The Writer’s Voice podcast. I spoke about my writing career, and my Carrie Bloomfield series of scientific murder mysteries.  I also described my novel “The Kanawha Anomaly” coming out from Moonshine Cove Publishing in August, 2021, 

The interview was a lot of fun. Linda has a way of putting even the most nervous interviewee at ease!

New Writing Project: “Dark Harvest”

I’m putting one of my older projects back on the shelf to embark upon a new novel that I’m calling “Dark Harvest.” It’s a scientific murder-mystery starring a new female protagonist and statistician, Jamie Patrick, Ph.D. She finds herself in grave danger after uncovering an illegal scheme to harvest organs from undocumented refugees who are funneled to a criminal enterprise from unscrupulous elements within Homeland Security.

“Paying It Backwards and Other Stories” Accepted for Publication

I’m pleased to announce that Wilderness House Press has accepted my short story anthology, “Paying It Backwards and Other Stories.”  A publication date has yet to be set.


A few of the stories:

“A young Catholic boy’s life is turned upside down when a rash in the shape of the Virgin Mary appears on his buttock…”

“When a spaceship crash lands in the middle of nowhere, its inhabitants express no desire to communicate with the peoples of earth; all except for one man, a country bumpkin who happens to have a special talent for communicating with farm animals…”

“When a mercenary in a shooting war seeks solace in a bombed-out building, he makes a startling discovery: he’s sharing it with an enemy mercenary from another world…”

“A young girl shows shows a heroic act of defiance in a downtown Boston street against a large column of invading extra-terrestrial aliens…”

“Two unlikely friends–a ‘little’ person with a terrible temperament and a hulking man who is mentally challenged–break into a large furniture store overnight and wreak havoc…”

“An evangelical preacher trying to drum up business by witnessing to urban street people encounters God–but God isn’t an old, white man with a flowing beard…”

“Two young brothers playing under a bridge are surprised when they encounter a time-traveler from 270 years in the future…”

“No one expected the bringer of the Apocalypse to appear in the guise of a handsome, twenty-something Avant-garde composer…”

“A dying man in Chicago makes a startling deathbed confession…”

“A voyeuristic couple get more than they bargain for when they break into a car to have sex…”