Highly Evolved “Black Alien”

When I saw this story on the internet I immediately thought of my short story, “Evolved,” contained in my new collection Transmogrify coming out in late 2021 from Červená Barva Press.

Bagels with the Bards #14 Debuts

Issue #14 contains my short story, “A Lovely Ride in the Park.”

Phil Temples Featured on The Writer’s Voice Podcast

In Episode 24 of The Writer’s Voice, Phil Temples talks about the “lab lit” genre of scientific murder mysteries. He ventures into other several other topics, as well, including his novels, marketing, and how he conducts research with the assistance of his wife!
You can find the The Writer’s Voice podcast at: https://the-writers-voice.castos.com/

Interviewed for The Writer’s Voice Podcast

the writer's voice podcast screenshotYesterday, I was interviewed on Zoom by Linda McHenry for The Writer’s Voice podcast. I spoke about my writing career, and my Carrie Bloomfield series of scientific murder mysteries.  I also described my novel “The Kanawha Anomaly” coming out from Moonshine Cove Publishing in August, 2021, 

The interview was a lot of fun. Linda has a way of putting even the most nervous interviewee at ease!