Uncontacted Frontier

Coming in 2020:

In Uncontacted Frontier, the third in the Carrie Bloomfield Novel series, our heroine is contacted after nearly thirty years by François Boucher, M.D., formerly of Doctors Without Borders. An acquaintance and former love interest of Carrie’s, Boucher now works in the for-profit sector, and responsible for new drug discovery with a large multinational conglomerate, Aprex-Fischer Corporation. Boucher is organizing an expedition to the Amazon basin in Brazil and needs Carrie’s experience and the credibility of her non-profit foundation to secure approval from the Brazilian government to enter the Uncontacted Frontier, home to hundreds of indigenous, uncontacted tribes.

Bloomfield soon discovers his proposed expedition isn’t what Boucher represents it to be—it’s a smokescreen to allow Aprex-Fischer access to the land in order to explore for large deposits of palladium, a rare metal that’s more valuable than gold. The evil corporation intends to rid the land of the indigenous peoples by placing items in the jungle contaminated with a strain of the measles for them to discover. Carrie Bloomfield must help the tribe survive this plague for which they have no immunity, and expose the truth about Aprex-Fischer’s scheme.