Photo, Micro Stories Featured In “Watertown Lit Squad’s Poets’ & Writers’ Sampler 2023”

Watertown Lit Squad's Poets' & Writers' Sampler 2023 cover imageI’m pleased that Plowshares‘ DeWitt Henry is featuring a number of my micro stories in Watertown Lit Squad’s Poets’ & Writers’ Sampler 2023.

Included are: Blue, Gray, Inner Child, Justice, Look Away, When Your Girlfriend Has Left You, and Wishing Well.

The Sampler’s cover image is my photograph, “Dancers.”

[Barb Ariel Cohen’s poems are also featured in Sampler: Cold Stand Down, And When the Light Is Past, Night Silhouettes, Fearless Path, Clouds, and Poise.]

“Late Afternoon Railroad” Accepted by “Chestnut Review”

Late Afternoon Railroad
“Late Afternoon Railroad”

My photograph entitled “Late Afternoon Railroad” has been accepted by Chestnut Review for inclusion in its Summer issue.

CR: “Starting a literary magazine is never a wise idea, really. But we’re a little bit stubborn. A little bit picky in what we want. And if we don’t see it, then we want to create it (another great American value!) […] Artists who persist despite rejection, the intrusions of real life, the bills that must be paid, the jobs that must be done before any art can be created. That’s the best kind of stubbornness.”


Art on Display at Boston College Arts Festival

I have three works of minimalist black and white photography currently on display from April 27-30, 2023 at the Boston College Arts Festival in Robsham Theater. 

About the Arts Festival:

“Annually on the last weekend in April, the Boston College Arts Festival brings the Boston College and surrounding communities together to celebrate the arts. From April 27-29, 2023, the 25th annual Arts Festival will once again invite the community to experience the variety of arts at Boston College!”

Over 16,000 visitors from Boston College and the surrounding community are expected to attend.