Photo, Micro Stories Featured In “Watertown Lit Squad’s Poets’ & Writers’ Sampler 2023”

Watertown Lit Squad's Poets' & Writers' Sampler 2023 cover imageI’m pleased that Plowshares‘ DeWitt Henry is featuring a number of my micro stories in Watertown Lit Squad’s Poets’ & Writers’ Sampler 2023.

Included are: Blue, Gray, Inner Child, Justice, Look Away, When Your Girlfriend Has Left You, and Wishing Well.

The Sampler’s cover image is my photograph, “Dancers.”

[Barb Ariel Cohen’s poems are also featured in Sampler: Cold Stand Down, And When the Light Is Past, Night Silhouettes, Fearless Path, Clouds, and Poise.]

“Look Away” Accepted by “The Serulian”

The Serulian logoThe publication The Serulian has accepted my flash piece entitled Look Away for publication on August 15.

The Serulian is “an indie literary magazine from the shores of Istanbul and Hong Kong. We’re all about discovering the different sides of life […]  We believe in finding magic in the mundane. That’s not to say that we’re not fans of the most unexpected, lovesick, pessimistic, hopeful, and outrageous stories around. We’re interested in learning about the peculiarities of life, the boring stuff that might shock us, or send us in fits of laughter. […]”

“The One That Got Away” Accepted by “A Thin Slice of Anxiety”

A Thin Slice of Anxiety has accepted my “tall tale” fishing story entitled “The One That Got Away” for publication on its web site.

I will say that “Thin Slice” have a very interesting About page: “A Thin Slice of Anxiety is an independent publication which strives to nurture and promote the best up-and-coming writers of our generation. Writers who are brave enough to guide us into places of amalgamation where the unplumbed depths of the known are made and unmade. Encouraging us to explore the amaranthine abyss and ruthless shadowlands which make up the human condition.”