“Valley of Gold” Accepted in “Defuncted: A Collection of Abandoned Things”

Image of Defuncted home pageOne of my earliest short stories, “Valley of Gold,” was accepted and published in what is now a defunct publication known as “Separate Worlds.”

Although I can no longer find my story on this site, I’ve discovered a unique market called “Defuncted: A Collection of Abandoned Things” with this simple mission:

“This project started because I wanted to find a forever home for some of my work that had previously appeared in journals which have now gone defunct.  . . . [T]hat’s what you’re going to find here, short fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction that has been “abandoned” by the journals which previously published them and is no longer available to read.

Defuncted has accepted “Valley of Gold” for republication. It will appear soon in a future issue.

“Executive Order” Accepted by Fear of Monkeys

Fear of Monkeys iconThe E-Zine Fear of Monkeys has accepted my short story “Executive Order” for publication in its December 2023 issue. 

“The Fear of Monkeys is an E-Zine that features politically conscious writing. <…>  Its purpose is to provide an empty vessel into which we might pour the otherwise marginalized voices of those concerned with political and social responsibility.”

“Scruffy” Accepted by Still Point Arts Quarterly

Still Point Arts Quarterly front coverStill Point Arts Quarterly has accepted my short story “Scruffy” for inclusion in an upcoming issue.

Still Point Arts Quarterly is a truly beautiful and engaging art and literary journal. Produced four times a year, each issue focuses on a theme and features historical and contemporary art, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. The Quarterly has been praised for its rich content as well as its splendid layout and design.”