thumbnail of "Circular Escape"“I’ve always been attracted to photographing in urban areas. I’m partial to back alleys, fire escapes, graffiti-strewn walls or store fronts. I don’t find nature shots of majestic sunsets or mountain ranges very satisfying.

“A color photo, when rendered in black and white, sometimes will reveal hidden textures and subplots. Of course, that’s not always the case. Some images require the full range of color to bring out the magic and the message so I always shoot my scene in color then go back later and decide whether to apply a black and white filter.

“I shoot using a smartphone in auto mode––currently a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Before that, I used earlier Samsung models. Before camera phones were readily available, I carried a little Canon PowerShot SD630 featuring a whopping 1200 x 1600 pixel resolution! The truth is, I’m too lazy to carry around my sophisticated Canon EOS 5D because it’s bulky and weighs a ton. If I did, I’m certain that I would end up missing all kinds of shots while fiddling with the controls.

“Most of my shots are spur-of-the-moment. Sometimes, they’re transient. (Or, I’m in transit.) The camera phone is the perfect instrument with which to render snap judgments about places and things that I feel might be worth memorializing.

“To quote from ‘Just as owning a DSLR camera and taking family holiday photos doesn’t make one a photographer, simply taking pictures with a smartphone or other mobile device does not necessarily make one a true mobile photographer.’

“In my mind, all of these photos represent ‘art.’ Of course, you’re free to conclude otherwise.”