“Pure Slush Loss Lifespan Vol. 9” Now Available

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“Ray didn’t take shit from anyone or anything. He held his own on some of the busiest urban streets in Boston alongside the four-wheelers.” from Ghost Shark by Phillip Temples

Pure Slush Loss Lifespan Vol. 9 collection, including my short piece entitled “Ghost Shark,” is now available for purchase:

Thank you for being part of Loss Lifespan Vol. 9. Loss has been now released and can be purchased in paperback. The work of 237 writers is included in the anthology. This is the largest anthology (and book) in Pure Slush’s 13-year history.

Find all current and relevant info via shortened links below:

paperback: https://bit.ly/LossPB

Find selected tastes of Loss here: https://pureslush.com/store/anthologies-themed/loss-lifespan-vol-9/a-taste-of-loss/

Find Loss on the Pure Slush website here: https://pureslush.com/store/anthologies-themed/loss-lifespan-vol-9/

Loss eBook versions (ePub and Kindle) should be formatted and released by the end of this week. Contributors will be notified of this via email.

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