First Known Sighting of “Uncontacted Frontier”

My good buddy Bob Rowlands emailed me this photo:

“Look at what came to our house from Amazon today!  Someday in the future (I don’t know when yet), I want to get together in person for drinks and dinner, and you can autograph it for me! Although I read at least part of the draft a while ago, I’m looking forward to reading the finished product.  It’ll be my bedtime reading.”

I’m still awaiting my copies of Uncontacted Frontier from the printer.  ;-(

CANCELLED: “Uncontacted Frontier” Book Launch at Arts at the Armory, May 30, 2020

UPDATE: I’VE DECIDED IT’S BEST THAT I CANCEL my in-person launch for my new book, “Uncontacted Frontier” on May 30. You can still buy the book from Amazon and Barnes & Noble when it comes out. The publisher, Moonshine Cove Publishing, is still shooting for a production date of April 21, 2020.


I’ve reserved the Arts at the Armory Café for the launch of my new book, “Uncontacted Frontier,” for Saturday, May 30, 2020 from 3:00-4:30 PM. It’s located at 191 Highland Ave #1c, Somerville, MA 02143. I hope everyone can attend!

COVID-19’s Impact on Brazil’s Indigenous People

This is terrible! The premise of my upcoming novel Uncontacted Frontier mirrors this real-life tragedy–a measles outbreak occurs among an indigenous tribe in the Amazonian rainforest…