Rob Dinsmoor, Phil Temples Reading at Cervena Barva Press

Phil Temples Červená Barva Press Reading Series in Somerville, MAAuthor Rob Dinsmoor (“Toxic Cookout“) and Phil Temples (“Uncontacted Frontier“) will read from their respective works on Monday, July 13, 2020 at 7 PM as a part of Cervena Barva‘s online series . Details to follow.

“Amidst the global coronavirus pandemic, in April Cervena Barva Press marked 15 years of publishing fine literature from around the world. Though our in-person celebration was cancelled due to Covid-19, we invite you, our authors and friends, to celebrate Cervena Barva Press. Choose an evening in July or August to continue our tradition of sharing your extraordinary poetry and fiction. As in the past, during our “Cervena Barva Press Reads Around the World” gatherings, this will be a world-wide event.”

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