“Toxic Cookout” a Breath of Fresh Air

My good friend Rob Dinsmoor has produced an entertaining work of short stories entitled Toxic Cookout. A fellow Hoosier and writer of health and medical articles, Rob and I met years ago at a literary event on the North Shore. His other works include Tales of the Troupe, You Can Leave Anytime and Does Dixie Like Me?

“Protagonist and plot are adeptly textured with perfect measures of irony, humor, and insight to make for a marvelous repast,” blurbs Michael C. Keith about Rob’s latest work.  It’s available on Amazon.com and Big Table Publishing.

“The Winship Affair” Reviewed at Horizon East Book Club

I’ve been informed that my novel The Winship Affair will be the featured book read for a women’s book club that meets in members’ homes in the condo complex where I live. I have been invited to attend their meeting in January (the only male in attendance?) as they meet to discuss my book.  

(This might pose a dilemma for some of the participants: how easy will it be for them to critically discuss the book while their neighbor-author is in attendance?)