Additional Blurbs Received

I received two additional blurbs for the cover of my upcoming scientific mystery-thriller “The Allston Variant.” Many thanks to Greg and Luke for their kind words:

The Allston Variant, Phil Temples’ frighteningly plausible new novel, enthralls with its breathtaking pace and complex heroine, scientist/undercover agent Carrie Bloomfield, while elucidating the latest advances in biotechnology. A smart, steamy thriller!  —Gregory Wolos, author of Women of Consequence and Turnpike

“Thrillers are my guilty pleasure, and The Allston Variant is the guiltiest of guilty pleasures.  Temples not only spins an excellent yarn, he can write!” —Luke Salisbury, author of The Answer Is Baseball and No Common War

Allston Variant Publication Date

From Gene Robinson from Moonshine Cove Publishing:

…We have placed your manuscript on our publication calendar in the next available slot and have assigned it the ISBN 9781945181573. As things stand now, it looks like publication will be near April 21, 2019. We should begin work on the manuscript about a month before that. In the meantime, as you suggest, it’s not too early to start thinking about what you’d like for a cover. We’d be pleased to hear your ideas and if you come across any interesting images, let us know.

It seems unbearably far in the future, but I’ve waited longer for some of my books to be published.