An Inescapable Truth

I’m come to the inescapable conclusion that Caliburn Press has no intention of honoring the agreement I signed with Damnation Books in August, 2014. In fact, they’ve been in breach of contract for some time. On advice of my attorney, I notified Caliburn this week that I am exercising my right to cancel the agreement. The good news is: another publisher had indicated a willingness to pick up the book! More info to come.

In case anyone is tempted to submit their work to this enterprise, which does business under the following imprints: Eternal Press; Caliburn Young Adult; Damnation Books; Melliferia Press; Siento Sordida Publishing; Spero Publishing; Vollmar Games; you’d be well advised to steer clear of this outfit. See the recent Writers Beware article about Caliburn, at <…/small-press-storm-warnings-…>.

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