An Inescapable Truth

I’m come to the inescapable conclusion that Caliburn Press has no intention of honoring the agreement I signed with Damnation Books in August, 2014. In fact, they’ve been in breach of contract for some time. On advice of my attorney, I notified Caliburn this week that I am exercising my right to cancel the agreement. The good news is: another publisher had indicated a willingness to pick up the book! More info to come.

In case anyone is tempted to submit their work to this enterprise, which does business under the following imprints: Eternal Press; Caliburn Young Adult; Damnation Books; Melliferia Press; Siento Sordida Publishing; Spero Publishing; Vollmar Games; you’d be well advised to steer clear of this outfit. See the recent Writers Beware article about Caliburn, at <…/small-press-storm-warnings-…>.

Forward Motion

There’s a lot of “forward motion” happening right now with my new novel, “Helltown Chronicles.” Dan, my editor, has completed his first round of edits, and I’m almost finished with my responses. He’s made excellent edits that really add to the quality of the storytelling and that tighten up the plot and dialogue. I’m pleased. Eternal Press will most certainly have my novel on book shelves by year end–hopefully, even sooner.