About Phil Temples

Phil Temples circa 1962 Beginnings

Phil Temples came into being in 1955, the result of an earlier joint collaboration of Mary and W. Earl Temples of Bloomington, Indiana. Bloomington is known for the Indiana University Hoosiers, (ex-)coach Bobby Knight, limestone quarries, and the award-winning movie, Breaking Away.

Phil had a relatively happy and stable upbringing. The son of a house wife and a factory worker, Phil Temples was the only boy and the youngest of three children. As such, he was spoiled rotten.

Although some of his earliest memories are of collecting insects, bugs and butterflies in canning jars in the back yard, for some inexplicable reason Phil did not become an entomologist.

Purdue University Education

Phil received a humble education at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, where he majored in ham radio with a minor in Electrical Engineering. (Or was it the other way around?) He received his bachelor's degree in 1979.

In any event, it wasn't entomology, although one of his college roommates majored in bugs.



Phil Temples resides in the small community of Watertown, Massachusetts, along the banks of the Charles River bordering Cambridge and Boston. It is said that more people of Armenian descent live in Watertown, Massachusetts than anywhere else in the world—except, of course, for Armenia. Phil isn't Armenian, however.


Wang logo Career

Most people have to work for a living. Phil Temples is no exception. In the past, he has worked at such high tech places as Compugraphic Corporation (now the Agfa-Gevaert Group), Wang Laboratories, Inc. (now Getronics CompuCom), the Optronics Division of Intergraph (recently acquired by ECRM), and Hyphen (alas, no more).

He's twiddled bits as a firmware engineer, designed and coded loadable disk and tape I/O controller software, and gone on the road with customer engineers to resolve problems and install software.

In the far distant past, Phil worked part-time in a pottery shop and delivered newspapers. Between high school and college he labored in a factory manufacturing color television sets for RCA Corporation. During college, he worked for three summers at the Indiana University Cyclotron Facility as an electronics technician.


SatelLife Career, Continued

From 1994 until 1997, Phil worked as a UNIX Systems Administrator with SatelLife, a small non-profit organization supplying low-cost email connectivity and medical information to serve health care workers in the developing world. He also designed a large portion of SatelLife's original world wide web site.

From September, 1997 until December, 1999, Phil worked as a UNIX Systems Administrator and UNIX Specialist at Harvard University's Law School and School of Public Health, respectively. Phil then freelanced as an independent computer consultant with several clients at Harvard University until the spring of 2002, when he joined Boston College's Computer Science Department.


League Of Professional System Administrators logo

Professional Interests

Professionally, Phil is involved with the Advanced Computing Association, or USENIX. He's serves as the USENIX University Liaison for Boston College. Phil is also a charter member of the  League of Professional System Administrators, or LOPSA. While at Harvard, Phil was active with the ABCD Committee, an informal association of system managers, programmers, researchers, students, administrators, and faculty at Harvard University and its affiliated institutions. Phil is considered an ABCD "alum" and as such, still attends some of its meetings.

Phil is fascinated by all of the wild and exotic animals that decorate the covers of the O'Reilly technical books. He has about 40 of them on his bookshelf!

Religious nut, Harvard Square All The Other Stuff

Phil Temples' life mission is still undefined at this time—he's working on it. But like everyone else Phil Temples would like nothing better than to "cheat death."

Phil's idea of a good time is to hang out in scenic Harvard Square and watch all of the weir^H^H^H^Hdifferent people who frequent that part of the universe. Harvard Square is, of course, home of commie pinkos, Marxist-Leninists, Jesus freaks, Passim Coffee House, the capital of the People's Republic of Cambridge, and the Control Center for Western Thought (a.k.a. Harvard University). Well--actually, the school is a front for the Harvard Management Company.

For something completely different, Phil volunteers monthly to read to sixth-grade school kids at St. Columbkille School in Boston College's Read Aloud program.

Phil can be a fun kinda guy. He has his favorite hobby. But that's the subject of a whole 'nuther page so we won't get into that, here.

There's more to life than ham radio, and Phil has decided to attempt to improve his writing skills and network with other writers and would-be writers to commiserate. In the recent past, Phil was a member of the Watertown Writers Meetup Group and New England Screenwriters. Both were affiliated with Meetup.com but are now defunct.

Phil met his wife-to-be in 1976 and married her in 1978. Gosh, they sure looked a lot younger back then. At that time, her name was Barb Jackson. She's the same gal, though. Phil and Ariel been together now for over 34 years. Imagine that.

Chameleon photo The Chameleons

Phil and some good friends comprise a singing group called The Chameleons (f.k.a. Unclefester).

The group plays at small community festivals and benefits. Their most recent gig was at the "Winterrest" festival in Chelmsford on February 5, 2011. Some photos of a past WinterRest and Chameleons' performance are on-line.

Alas, while the Chameleons have received glowing accolades for their medley of folk, rock and children's songs, they have also been advised that they should all keep their day jobs.