New Sequel in the Carrie Bloomfield Novel Series: “Uncontacted Frontier”

I’ve begun writing the third book in the Carrie Bloomfield series of scientific murder-mystery novels, with the working title Uncontacted Frontier:

Scientist-turned-entrepreneur Carrie Bloomfield is caught up in adventure and intrigue when she goes on an expedition to the Amazon in Brazil to collect fauna and flora for potentially promising pharmaceuticals.

I’ll sit down face-to-face with a literary agent, pitch my manuscript and obtain feedback at the upcoming Muse & the Marketplace Writers Conference.


I wanted to put in a plug for GrubStreet.  From their website:

“GrubStreet is one of the nation’s leading creative writing centers. We believe that narrative transforms lives, builds bridges, and produces empathy. By rigorously developing voices of every type and talent and by removing barriers to entry, GrubStreet fosters the creation of meaningful stories and ensures that excellent writing remains vital and relevant.”

I’ve attended a few of their free workshops in the past. I finally decided this week to become a member.

Jeremiah’s Hearse

Does this hearse belong to Jeremiah, the mad undertaker of Helltown?


From Helltown Chronicles:

The two were interrupted by the sound of an approaching car. It was situated just on the other side of the rise in the road ahead. They couldn’t see it yet, but judging by the sound of the engine, the driver was really gunning it. The car came upon them fast. The two quickly stepped off to the side of the road. Seconds later, a long, dark vehicle with only one working headlight crested the hill. Veering off the road, it headed directly for the two fifteen-year-olds.

The hearse struck Randy head-on. The impact threw him in the air and he landed almost twenty feet away. The same collision dealt Kyle only a glancing blow.

“Wh- Wha…?” When Kyle came to he saw an old, sinister-looking man standing over him. The man smiled an evil grin, and struck Kyle on the head with a club, knocking him unconscious again.