McKeen Blurb

Here’s one of the blurbs for the novel that will grace the back cover. William McKeen, a successful Boston area writer (“Outlaw Journalist” and “Mile Marker Zero”) and Chairman of the Boston University Journalism Department writes:

This is one of those books that you pick up and when you blink you realize you’d just read 60 pages. It’s written with the economy of James M. Cain and the quiet grace of Robert B. Parker. You’ll fall in love with the heroine, Carrie Bloomfield. This is a stunningly good tale.

Getting Closer

The publication of my novel “The Winship Affair” is getting closer by the day. Yesterday, my publisher, Blue Mustang Press, wrote back, “We are in the last couple of weeks…this should be go quite quickly now.” I hope so. It’s been a long road. I finished the first draft of the novel at the end of November, 2011. I submitted it to the publisher in January, 2012, and it was accepted in July, 2012. (Patience, Grasshopper!)

Winship Teaser

Here’s the teaser that will probably find its way onto the back cover:

“Life is about to become much more interesting for Carrie Bloomfield, an eccentric, but brilliant, multidisciplinary scientist living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. When a mysterious package from a deceased scientist turns up on her doorstep, she soon discovers that its secrets could lead to technologies that might revolutionize the world’s energy supply. But it seems that a shadowy multinational corporation knows about the materials, too. They’re determined to have the discoveries for themselves. And they’re not about to allow the law, ethics, or especially, a quirky scientist to stand in their way.”

It Feels Very Real

After almost a year and a half, the book feels very real. I received the galley proofs yesterday, and finished a final read through. I spotted only a handful of corrections that need to be made. Seeing it laid out in book format makes all the difference in the world! Next milestone: awaiting word from the publisher about the cover art design.