Paying It Backwards



Paying It Backwards and Other Stories is an anthology of approximately 60 science- and urban fiction tales that is sure to delight the reading pallet. Some of the stories in this collection have appeared in:

101 Words, Aphelion, Aphotic Realm, Ariel Chart, Bewildering Stories, Boston Literary Magazine, Children, Churches and Daddies, Clever Magazine, Danse Macabre, Dime Show Review, Dual Coast Magazine, Fiction on the Web, Flash Fiction World Contests, Heater, Indiana Voice Journal, Literally Stories, Microfiction Monday Magazine, Microliterature, One Forty Fiction, Pure Fantasy and Sci-Fi, Quail Bell, The Commonline Journal, The Darkness Within Ezine, The Dirt, The Fear of Monkeys, The Fiction Pool, The J. J. Outré Review, The Literary Yard, The Machinery, The One Million Stories Creative Writing Project, The Pan/Flim-Flam, The Penmen Review, The Rusty Nail, The Short Humour Site, The Zodiac Review , Zero Flash