Books For Africa

Kwasi Sarkodie-Mensah, Manager of Instructional Services at the O’Neill Library at Boston College, periodically holds a drive to collect books to send to libraries in Africa. He’s a wonderful and caring human being.

The Computer Science Department capitalized on our move this week; its faculty donated many dozens of computer books that were no longer needed. I’m standing next to a pile in our nearly vacated offices in Maloney Hall.

If anyone else out there in FB-land has old books that they hate throw away, please consider this worthy cause. If you’re in the Boston area, I’d be happy to act as a go-between. Or if you live further away and could afford the shipping charges to Boston, I’m sure that Kwasi would love to receive even more books. The books don’t have to be textbooks, incidentally. Kwasi and his colleagues collect and ship all sorts of books to Africa.

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